You might have noticed that we are no longer blogging here. The reason is that we are no longer “South Africans in Finland” but now just plain South Africans in South Africa. Pete got a great job in Pretoria, South Africa, so we packed up our lives in August last year and moved to the capital city. I did 2 monthe of freelancing for my old company, Activeark JWT (a job that I was extremely sad to leave behind) and then got a job at one of the top advertising agencies down here, Ogilvy and Mather, which I started in January.

Its been a busy year. We managed to find and buy a car and house within the first 2-3 months. We had to wait another 4 months to move into our house and have since been working non stop to shape it into our home. Its far larger than our Helsinki apartment (44 sqm vs 180 sqm!) and we have a 1100 sqm garden- so there’s plenty of work to be done.

Part of the back garden.

Part of the back garden.


I have been reunited with my 10 year old cat who was lovingly looked after by his foster mom outside Stellenbosch for the last 2 years. He’s as fat and full of nonsense as he’s ever been and I am so glad to have him back. I have also been reunited with my book collection – which I have only recently unpacked – in Helsinki we survived with a minimal selection and our Kindles. Cat + Books = a real homely feeling.

We are loving the weather here. We were well into the winter months when I had to ask a friend if, “this was it”. It has been mild one but the sun has barely stopped shining since we arrived back in SA. It feels like the inversion of our time in Helsinki where it felt like that the one year, the sun hardly shone at all. If that’s not a reason for our Finnish friends to visit, I don’t know what is!

And one more news item, we are expecting a baby by the end of the year – I told you that we have been busy! He or she has been very discrete and hiding every time we try to determine the gender so we still don’t know whether to prepare for a son or a daughter. But of course, it really doesn’t matter to us which we get.

Thanks for sharing in our Finnish adventure with us. We found it both challenging and wonderful and don’t regret selling all of our things and blindly moving across the world. It was the adventure of a lifetime, we made so many wonderful friends and saw and did so many wonderful things – as this blog can attest to!

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