You may have noticed that we’re running adverts on our blog. We spent a lot of time debating if we would add advertising to our site, and finally made the decision recently.

There’s only one reason we’ve decided to host these advert, and it is so that we can get reciprocal advertising for Brigitte’s electrical appliance web-shop “Hai-end” (please check it out if you’ve not visited it yet… and like it on Facebook too!). We’ve subscribed to the Google AdSense system and will earn a little amount each time you click on an advertisement – either the photo adverts in the right-hand column, or adverts at the bottom of each blog post (including the “Around the Web” links). So if you like our blog, please visit our advertisers’ websites if they are of interest to you… in effect you’ll be buying more exposure for Brigitte’s new business (and that’ll be greatly appreciated).

One drawback with the AdSense system is that we can’t specify in advance what sort of adverts we’re happy for Google to display on our blog – but we can block add that appear on our site that we don’t like. And since your opinions as our readers matter to us, if you spot an advert that you don’t think it particularly appropriate for our blog, please let us know in the comments section of this post and we’ll sort it out.



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