Four months ago, in the middle of summer, Brigitte and I visited a little undeveloped corner of Helsinki near the eastern most Metro station – the Uutela nature area (you can find that post here). Last weekend I headed back to Uutela to briefly escape the city.

Cold times are ahead…

Popping my bike and myself on the Metro, it took about 30 minutes for me to get from Kallio to the edge of the forest. Cycling through the thin snow and the autumn leaves in the forest was a new experience for me – I’d expected it to be much more slippery, so I was pleasantly surprised. I headed for the Särkkäniemi conservation area on the eastern side of Uutela, where there are paths and boardwalks along the seashore. It was interesting finding some areas with lots of snow from our first snowfall of the season – and then to move a short distance and find everything snow-free.

View from Särkkäniemi

There were not too many birds around, but I really enjoyed finding a mixed flock of tits and had my best views yet of some rather spectacular Crested Tits. Golden-eyes, Mallards and Mute Swans were quite common in the bay, and one solitary Great Spotted Woodpecker had me staring up into the canopy for a while.

A surprisingly snowy reedbed on the northern-side of Särkkäniemi – very different from four months ago!

Looking south from Särkkäniemi



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