Most of the things that I have labelled as “city surprises” have been lovely little details that I’ve passed by many times without noticing… but this was the complete opposite: big and bold and unmissable! The pedestrianized section of Siltasaarenkatu suddenly because much more interesting when a multicoloured 10 m-tall sculpture was installed there a few days ago.

The insides of Oona Tikkaoja’s Unelma ("dream") sculpture

A little googling revealed it to be a mobile structure by Oona Tikkaoja – mobile in the sense that it moves in the wind (I’ll now need to go back on a windy day to get the full effect). You can find the full details at the City of Helsinki’s webpage. Its worth knowing that we can expect more art to be popping up in the area as part of the “Art on the Union Line” project (Siltasaarenkatu becomes Unioninkatu / Union street south of Hakaniemi), one of the jubilee celebration projects for Helsinki’s 200th year as the capital of Finland.


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