The area just north of Helsinki’s central railway station (Rautatieasema) is currently being redeveloped (after some of the facilities – including car loading and off-loading – were shifted out of the city centre to Pasila station). To keep pedestrians out of building sites and building rubble off the pavement, temporary walls have been erected around the construction sites – and the really cool thing is that these structures have been decorated in some really interesting ways. It turns out that the beautification of this plywood construction boards is organized by an organization called MultiColoured Dreams – if you would like to see more of their work or get involved (e.g. paint your own design) then check out their website.

This is the piece that first caught my eye - must have been all the birds!

We noticed these painted construction barriers for the first time last year down in Senate square, where the temporary walls were displaying anti-xenophobic messages (it was just before the 2011 general elections when the politicians were turning the few hundred Romanians living in Finland into a national issue) – that made quite an impression on me (see the Multicoloured Dreams blog post about the painting here).

Entitled "Surviving is not a crime" - Senaatintori 2011


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