Summer in Finland is a time for holiday – and nothing much is better than enjoying having a sauna and a swim, and then grilling supper over the fire. And the place were most Finns would like to do this is at the summer cottage (“kesämöki”).  Our kesämöki visits have been, in many ways, the highlights of our time in Finland – that’s probably because of a mixture of reasons, including that we’re hanging out with friends and because we’re at a place which is set aside solely for relaxation and rest.

Late summer sunset - a bit chilly in the wind, but so lovely

This summer we visited two summer cottages – one on the coast (near Rauma) and one on a lake (near Lahti). There’s not much else to say other than if you get invited to a Finn’s kesämöki you should go! Many, many thanks to Miska (see our post from last year),  Sanna (& Kaisa) and Noora for welcoming us into their kesämöki’s over the last two summers!

The view from the pier at Noora’s cabin on Urajärvi:

VisitFinland has a beautiful video about “Cottage life” and a short article about “The art of doing nothing” that I recommend you to watch and read – but don’t let the propaganda fool you completely… they don’t show the mosquitoes, horse flies and biting midges that some times accompany the best weather!

Panorama of the kesämöki near Rauma (click the image to change the view):

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