A fair time ago, I spotted in the middle of Kampintori (central Helsinki; usually populated by skateboarders) a strange little statue of a bear cub standing awkwardly on the back of a larger bear. There are lots of statues of bears in Helsinki – but this one is the weirdest by far for me…

Big bear and little bear in Kampintori

When Brigitte and I cycled past Kampi last weekend I finally took the chance to investigate the statue, and found that the small building it was adjacent to was equally strange… Following my usual procedure upon finding something truly out of the ordinary in the city, I checked the Helsinki Art Museum’s register of “Public Art” – and, yes, it turns out that the whole construction is an art installation (“Large meeting place” by Ernst Billgren).


You can find a little more about the artist in this previous article in the Helsingin Sanomat. Otherwise, if you are in the area pop by and check out this rather interesting piece!


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