One of the aims of our blog is for it to not only be a way of sharing our experiences with others but also a way collate our experiences here in Finland. One of the things that I think will always stay with me as particularly belonging to our time in Finland is the sound of public transport. We never really used public transport back in South Africa because we both had our own cars. Without a car here, we have relied heavily on public transport which has been surprisingly enjoyable. We haven’t had to pay car insurance, servicing fees or had to find a parking spot in over a year. (That being said, we do now have bicycles and are enjoying a little independence from the public transport while it is warm enough to be outside.)

Last weekend, we were on the metro heading out to Ruoholahti and I made a sound clip of the metro so that we can remember after we go back to paying monthly insurance and fuel bills.

Listen here: metro-sound

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