One of  my first tourist stops when I was in London was Hampton Court Palace. I spent 5 hours wandering around this schizophrenic but fascinating palace with its Tudor and Stuart parts- the Stuart king ran out of money whilst bringing the palace up to date.

If you want to visit Hampton Court, it’s best to plan for a whole day and wear very sensible shoes. I spent most of the day wondering around the royal apartments and the kitchens and didn’t have much time for the lovely garden. Next time, I’d pack in a picnic lunch (weather permitting) to enjoy in the garden instead of eating at the fairly average cafe near the Tudor kitchens. The world famous maze in the garden is well worth the visit. I can’t say that I enjoyed it very much- I felt a bit claustrophobic in there but the kids who were wondering around were loving it. I am sure that the threatening rain also took away from my enjoyment- although I should have embraced the less-than-summery summer there and then as it was a sign of things to come for the rest of my trip.

Once I managed to arrive there, I realised that I had forgotten my camera. I was a little disappointed and tried to make do with my iphone’s camera. The photos are pretty poor quality but I thought that I’d put them here anyway- just for the record. The panoramas are also shot with my phone.

One surprise that I had in the gardens was  a message announcing that Activeark (the company I work for) has “joined” the JWT (a really old and international “marketing communications brand”) network.  Stuck without my 3G connection, I was left in suspense to try and figure out what this meant. Later that night, I hit the Oracle (Google) up for an explanation of exactly who JWT is. Now, back at the office, I am still not 100% clear on what this means practically for us at Activeark as many people are still away on Summer holiday. I do know that there will be 30 new people joining us in the office  from JWT Helsinki and that everyone else is really positive about the change.  Never a dull moment!

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