Recently Brigitte and I headed out to the eastern end of the Metro to explore the suburb of Vuosaari and the Uutela nature area. Vuosaari has a lot of new developments, and we were impressed by the spacious feel of the area – although admittedly we were probably in the nicest part (Aurinkolähti; between the Metro station and the seashore). 


Uutela was a treat, especially for bird-watching, with lots of different habitat types present in a small area. I was really pleased to spot a Wood Warbler displaying (it has a great song) and finally figured out one of the bird song mysteries that had been bothering me the whole season (turns out that is was a Redwing Thrush). It was fun seeing a female Goosander swimming along with seven chicks – the chicks would climb up on her back to hitch a ride.

Trientalis europaea / Arctic starflower / Metsätähti (= "forest star")

From Uutela we could look onto the Vuosaari harbour which, since 2008, has been the cargo harbour for Helsinki.

Vuosaari harbour from Uutela

Unfortunately some rain cut our trip short, but I look foward to visiting the area again. Many thanks to Minna for suggesting Uutela. You can see some more photos of the Uutela trail on the mostly Walking blog too.


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