The Tuomarinkylä Manor in northern Helsinki was built in the mid-1700’s and is maintained today as one of Helsinki’s city museums. We popped in their recently to check it out.

Tuomarinkylä manor


It is a fairly small museum, with eight room carefully restored in the style of different periods over the last two hundred years. The Art Deco pieces were quite interesting, and it was surprising to see that most of the rooms had been built with their own fireplaces – the original owner must have been fairly well off! [you can read a bit about the manor’s history here]

The manor only has a small (and rather informal) garden, but the warm weather and all the greenery made it a very pleasant place to stroll through.

Green gardens behind the manor house

Overall, I’d say this is a good place to visit if you’ve got some time and want a quiet and pleasant excursion.

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