Last Saturday we travelled 50 km east of Helsinki to the little town of Porvoo, with our friend Nora. Pete was there two months ago (see his post here) when there was still lots of snow and ice about – but this time it was beautiful sunny spring weather, with flowers (and to a lesser degree tourists) everywhere.

The "old town" in Porvoo


Porvoo Cathedral is one of the old town’s highlights – and I’m glad that we were able to snap some decent photos inside to show you its remarkable interior.

The main dome of the cathedral is wonderfully decorated - soft and almost primitive patterning give it a unique feel


The Little Chocolate Factory was worth a visit – their chocolates were great (not cheap… but worth it) and their coffee was good. And they’re easy to find since they’re opposite the Porvoo Cathedral.


It also happened to be Ravintolapäivä that day, so after some research on and we decided to have lunch followed by dessert at one of the town’s central parks. Cafe Puistopicnic served some decent (but not exceptional) burgers, and the Porvoo Roller Derby team’s pop-up restaurant served us excellent white-chocolate-and-cranberry biscuits and a slightly-too-sweet chocolate milkshake.


Some of the houses in the new development

Popping across the Porvoo river (Porvoonjoki) we had a short stroll through a new development in the town, which fits very nicely with the look and feel of the old town.


We also took a walk down to the old railway which is now only infrequently used (you can find some details here). Nonetheless, there was much to see, including a working steam engine, a small art gallery and a rather unusual curio shop (turns out there was even more to see if we’d explored a bit more).

The old Porvoo station is now home to a curio and crafts store


All in all, a really pleasant trip! If you get the chance, it’s worth heading out to Porvoo.


Just to end off… some panoramas and wide-angle photos [click to navigate around the images]…

Panorama 1:


Panorama 2:


Panorama 3:


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