Wow – the end of March and the whole of April have flown by! For good reason too… We started the month with a trip to London (photos to follow soon), visiting some amazing museums and hanging out with family. We then had the pleasure of having family visit us in Helsinki (you can see some photos here).

Arriving back to a surprisingly snowy Helsinki (first week of April)


Since then we’ve both been working hard – Brigitte in particular has had some very long hours at work. But we’ve also been watching spring sneak into Helsinki… slowly more and more birds are appearing in the city. The sun is rising around 6 am at the moment (long before we get up, so I can’t verify that for you), and we’re enjoying bright evenings, with the sun setting around 9 pm… now it just needs to get warm enough that we can comfortably spend lots of time outside. We both now have new second-hand bicycles (if you’re looking for one in Helsinki, we’ve got a blog post about that…), and really enjoyed being able to cruise down to Kaivopuisto last weekend to eat an ice cream by the beach.


In other news:

  • We attended a sneak peak premier of Iron Sky a few weeks ago, a “Finnish-German-Australian science-fiction comedy film” (that’s Wikipedia‘s description). It was great and we’d recommend it if you are looking for a silly laugh. There are some great bits of Finnish humour hidden in the movie too, just so that you don’t forget who wrote and directed it. See the official trailor below…

Our sitting room looks quite different now with a new rug (from Peroba)

  • You’ve maybe noticed it, but our blog now has two new pages – check out the top left of this page and you’ll see “Map” and “Links” – the former lets you browse blog entries by location, the latter provides a list of websites that might be of use or interest to you (feel free to suggest other links too).

Artichoke candles - a cool gift that's bringing some more green to our lounge (also from Peroba, in case you want to get some)


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