Two weeks ago my Dad and I took at walk through Paloheinä to the Pitkakoski rapids on the Vantaa river.  A good number of birds were calling loudly, setting up their territories and trying to attract mates. So, despite some large patches of snow and some rather slippery ice, it seemed that spring had arrived.

The Vantaa river, near Pitkakoski, in spring flood


And with spring, comes the spring flooding… I knew that the Vantaa river would be fuller than when we had last visited the same spot in mid-summer (you can see the blog post) – but I’d not expected it to have transformed from a picture-perfect river into a fierce torrent!

A small snowy stream in Paloheinä, feeding into the Vantaa river


At least one group of people are ready to enjoy the raised water levels each year – serious canoers (or would they call themselves kayakers?) take part in the annual IceBreak competition, racing through the rapids in the Vantaa river (in Vanhankaupunki). You can see some photos of these brave sportsmen here and here.


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