I’m very glad to report that the journal Ecography will be publishing some of my recent research – the article (available online) reports how how the presence of wide-spread and dominant plant species can have a diversity of effects on the altitudinal range of other plant species. While current ecological theory would predict that plants would be excluded from low altitudes by these dominant species (and possibly facilitated by them at high elevatons), when we analysed data from north-western Finland (I helped collect data around Kilpisjärvi and Halti last summer) we found a much broader diversity of responses. So if that sounds interesting to you, please head across to Ecography and check it out!

Three of our study species


I presented some early analyses, which laid the foundation for this paper, last year at the EEF congress in Ávila (blogged about it here) – so if you’d like to see a short summary of the results, you can check out the poster.  And since you’re wondering, yes, Brigitte did help me with the design!


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