Today we had another Ravintolapäivä (Restaurant Day) in Helsinki. And once again, we could just pop off to Karhupuisto to get our lunch. Last time, we had some yummy borscht soup but today we had rolls filled with grilled pork, red onion and apple sauce from “The Hog and Apple”. We also ordered the yummy vegetarian option which had brie, red onion and walnuts in it. The food was definitely not typically Finnish and that is probably because one of the 4 “restaurateurs” seemed to have a British accent (although I could be wrong about his origins…). The other 3 seemed to be Finnish.

Served with our rolls was some yummy non-alcoholic apple cider- a very good idea because it was about -15°C out there. As it was so chilly, we didn’t hang around to consume our food but headed the 100m or so back to our flat. Our food was very cold by the time we got there but it warmed up nicely in the microwave and was absolutely delicious.

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