If you live in southern Helsinki, you probably don’t live too far from the sea. We live really close to the sea but instead of a beach, we have a carpet washing landing and a BIG pile of coal in the way of our view of Koreasaari Zoo. Now however, the sea is frozen and covered in snow so it looks like everywhere else.

Here are a few random shots from our walk to there this afternoon.

And here’s a 360° looking out over Sörnäistenrantatie:

And by the way, the days are getting longer which feels great but I could do with a bit more sunshine – its been quite a grey last few months since we returned from South Africa. Finnish friends have expressed their excitement at the possible early arrival of spring this year but I won’t get my hopes up yet. The Finnish winter has been tough and I remember how long it took to subside last year (and we only arrived in March!) so I will prepare myself to wait a bit longer for spring.


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