On the way up to Kilpisjärvi last summer, we stopped at two little road-side coffee shops located a long, long way from any towns (i.e. in the middle of no where!). These two establishments are located opposite each other, straddling the main road from Munio to Kilpisjärvi. Both establishments have signage running for many kilometers along this main road advertising their specials – in particular the offer of a coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) and doughnut for 50 cents. That’s such a good deal that you don’t have a choice but to stop! [Edit: I see the place was listed as the cheapest coffee in Finland – see the Helsingin Sanomat’s article about the gradient of coffee prices across the country here]

One of the two coffee shops


The shops are full of all sorts of interesting curios – knives, jams and preserves, t-shirts and beanies, toys and dolls, and assorted trinkets. What impressed Brigitte and myself most were all the stuffed animals – it was the first chance to see some of these creatures.

Hares on the fridge


Brigitte and I also stopped at little reserve adjacent to the main road, taking a walk on a boardwalk through a typical marsh from Lapland. Fortunately it was late in the season so that mosquitoes had died down. A local was picking cloudberries in the area, and offered us a few of these very special fruits – we thankfully accepted a few and enjoyed them while basking in the glorious sunshine.

Ah... no mosquitoes!

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