During fieldwork in Kilpisjärvi last summer, we took a day off to visit Skibotn, a little village in northern Norway. As Kilpisjärvi is only 3 km from the Norwegian border it is a fairly short trip to reach this coastal village on the Lyngen fjord of the Arctic sea. We had traveled this route a week earlier – but it had been pouring rain, and we’d failed to see anything much. However, after a morning’s hard work on Saana, we drove out to Skibotn in beautiful conditions.


View from Skibotn of the Lyngen fjord (click for the full image)



The Skibotn information centre and village museum (click for full sized image)

The view from Skibotn's harbour wall



Skibotn is a beautiful village and it was a pretty special afternoon we spent walking around its little streets.

Lyngen fjord in the background



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