Activeark, the company that I am busy doing my internship with, is running a Christmas charity campaign. They have chosen 4 different deserving charities to have a Facebook like-off. The charity with the most likes will get a donation of Activeark’s awesome expertise to help them in their causes.

One of the charities was suggested by yours truly (me, for those of you who did not get that..). It is called See-Saw-Do and they are bringing creativity into the townships of South Africa. I have been watching their work for the last couple of months and wishing that I could get involved. However, sitting thousands of kilometers away in the far northern hemisphere has not enabled me to pick up a paintbrush and lend a hand. Fortunately, now I am able to do something. Activeark has promised that if See-Saw-Do gets the most likes, they will provide them with an awesome website- something that they desperately need.

These guys are doing fantastically creative work amongst creches in townships in the Western Cape, South Africa. At the moment, they are busy in Stellenbosch, our former home town. Here’s a summary of what they do from their own “mouths”:

There is a great need for colour in the townships of South Africa. Our main focus is targeting the adults of tomorrow – all the little people. 98% of the township kids’ day-to-day environment is dull and unimaginative. We also saw that there is a great need for educational material in the crèches of our town ships. These crèches do not get any funds from government so they either have no books or have some that are books sponsored which are not relevant to the age of the kids – aka – lifestyle magazines etc.

At See-Saw-Do our motto is – ‘ Creativity will change you ‘and our aim is to do all we can to bring light and colour into these young kids’ lives. Since most of their parents also unfortunately don’t know how to pass the power of creativity on to their offspring since they never had the opportunity themselves to be educated at this level.

We do this by 1st transforming their environment from dull/unimaginative to a Bright , inspiring, imaginative and creative stimulating environment with custom designs that is locally relevant to the crèche and the kids. This also benefits the owner of the crèche monetarily, as the bright design on the building also serves as advertising and ads credibility to the service they deliver.

The next step is to design and distribute relevant educational material in a bilingual format to aid the kids to learn in their own language as well as English. There are loads and loads of adults that are jobless and hopeless because they themselves can’t speak English. And we can’t let this be the fate of the little ones! We believe that all children should at least have a fair start at the race of life.

So what can you do to help? You can click this link to vote for See-Saw-Do. Just one click and you can make a difference. If you want to do more than just click, head over to their Facebook page and have a look around. Maybe you want to paint or donate time or money to some other resource to these lovely people.

Have you clicked on the link yet? Thank you!


UPDATE: You can see the voting results here (and, yes, See-Saw-Do go the most votes!)

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