This Saturday is the third Ravintolapäivä (“restaurant day”) – a celebration of food across Helsinki (and Finland). We didn’t attend the two previous ravintolapäivät (which happened in May and August), but this time we’re not going to miss it. Kallio – being a really cool place – will be boasting nine impromptu restaurants (you can find a map with all the locations here) – and we’re hoping to visit a few of them. If you’re free and would like to join us, we’ll be queuing for borscht in Karhupuisto (details here) at 11:30! We might pop by the Kuppikakku Kapakka for a desert, and may just knock on the door of the intriging Sivukujan Salakappaka (“the side alley speakeasy”!) afterwards.

Celebrating "restaurant day" (image courtesy of


And from 3pm there is a free “foyer concert” at the National Opera (just across Töölö lake from us) – these matinee shows happen fairly regularly (program here), with this Saturday’s concert having a Spanish flavour (details here). If we’re not too sleepy after eating our way through Kallio, we might be there enjoying the music (and the opportunity to see this interesting building from within too).

Hope you all have a great week & that we might see you on Saturday!

P.S. This is our 100th blog post!

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