It’s been a busy few weeks for us: you’ve already heard that Pete’s been to the EEF conference and Brigitte’s settling in at her internship. But here are a few more snippets:

  • Brigitte celebrated her birthday last week – we had a little celebratory dinner at Lemon Grass, a Thai restaurant a few minutes walk from our apartment. We enjoyed our meal there with Claire, one of our first friends in Helsinki, and we all agreed that it was a nice place with a great atmosphere. If you don’t believe us, you can find reviews here, here, here¬†and here. Just remember that they close at 8 pm – so don’t arrive too late.
  • I (Pete) have just finished a Sci-Fi novel (The Quantum Thief) by a new Finish writer (Hannu Rajaniemi; his blog is here and his Wikipedia entry here). It’s a fairly easy read, introducing some pretty cool ideas – I would not describe it as mind-blowing (like, for example, Dune), but definitely worth a read if you like a bit of Sci-Fi. I especially appreciated some of the Finnish touches to the story – the obvious ones are that some of the “alien” words and names are real Finnish words – but I think with some more digging one could identify some more fundamentally Finnish themes too (deep respect for privacy, maybe?). Others have given the book much better reviews that me; you can find some examples here, here, here, … and some interviews here and here if you’re still interested.
  • We’ve found two neat daily photo blogs from Helsinki that you might also like: Helsinki According to PPusa¬†posts a new (and usually interesting) photo from Helsinki each day, while Hel Looks gives you a daily view of what Helsinki residents are wearing.
  • Pete gave his first lecture to first-years – about 60 students, and none fell asleep – sounds like a success considering that it was a morning class!
  • And to end… before moving to Helsinki I read that they have special parks for dogs – in fact, parks especially for big dogs and separate parks for small dogs. I was really surprised to find that our closest dog park is even more discriminatory in its patrons – it is exclusively for guide dogs.

Our local dog park

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