Well, if you have been enjoying our blog and want to keep up to date with what we’ve been writing, you don’t need to keep coming back to check on what’s new. I know that my design is beautiful and if you really like to see the blog in it’s native habitat, feel free to continue your regular visits. This being said, we would like you not to miss out on any of our delightful information so we want to tell you about the 4 different ways to get regular updates on what is happening in the blog.

Email subscription

In the column to the right of this post, you will see a spot that says “Subscribe to email updates”. Here, you can enter your email address and get the latest posts delivered straight to your very own email account. We use Feedburner’s subscription service to manage this. It’s totally free (for you and me) and totally safe. No one will spam you if you enter your email address. Once you have typed in your email address and clicked the little heart, you will get an email that will require you to confirm your request. Please respond or you won’t be getting any updates. The, sit back and enjoy the updates on our life in Helsinki.

Via Facebook

We have an “Africans in Finland” Facebook page. All new posts get automatically sent as a link to that page. If you would like to see the updates appear in your Facebook feed, go on over and like our page. The links in Facebook will send you back here so you can still enjoy my awesome design…

Via RSS Feed (Feedburner)

If you are subscribed to a feed reader like Google Reader, the you can click on the “Subscribe to RSS” link at the top of the page. This will redirect you to our feed page where you can choose which reader you use and have the blog automatically added to your list. I love my feed reader. So much information and only what I am interested in!

Via Twitter

Go and follow us at @AfricansFinland. Send us messages and see what we’ve been up to. Links post automatically when we publish a new post and they will lead you back here.

So many ways to get connected and keep up to date with our antics and adventures! And, we have even added a new contact form  (linked at the top of the page) so that you can contact us directly if you feel the need. We love to hear from you via the comments and enjoy answering the comments and getting to know you, the reader, a bit better- we have made some interesting contacts that way. So, keep reading and don’t be shy to tell us what you think either!

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