Meet the latest trainee designer for the renowned web agency Activeark – Me!

I started yesterday with introductory meetings and setting up of technology and, today I will have my first project to get started on. So far, so good as I enjoyed my first day thoroughly. It is fantastic to be in a professional situation after my varied and colourful experience since I graduated with my first degree…

And maybe best of all – I can wear jeans to work! Yep, I am easy to please.

Anyway, if you are a bit curious about Activeark, go and check out their website and be sure to have a look at the work that they did for Nokia and Marimekko (this site won some awards). Also check out this video of the office. I sit in the last room with “my” team.

Office Tour Day from Activeark on Vimeo.

I need to keep mum about current projects, but I am happy to say that they have some lovely big clients and I am sure that I will learn much about the business while here.


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