Well, this African is not in Finland at the moment. I am actually in the Netherlands. I have been looking forward to visiting this country for 3 main reasons. The first is that my Bruyns ancestors were originally from the Netherlands and it is very interesting to see how the people who maybe share some of my DNA live, the second is that I studied Art History at university and have not yet seen the actual paintings that I know something about and the 3rd is to visit my good friend Annette and her lovely little boy who is turning one this week.

Image source: tripadvisor.com

This photo of Mauritshuis Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Today I visited the Mauritshuis gallery in Den Haag- an easy bicycle ride from Annette’s place. It was wonderful to finally see the real paintings that I have only seen in books and online. I was thoroughly absorbed in the Rubens, Vermeer, Holbein, Rembradt etc painting that I saw.

The museum is small by the standards of many galleries but I found that is has the perfect amount of artworks to enjoy and engage with without getting over-saturated. A free audio guide is provided by the friendly museum staff that allows visitors to listen to more information about particular artworks at their own leisure. One of the bits I loved the most was the fact that Vincent van Gogh also visited the museum in his lifetime and looked at the same paintings that I did today!

Here are a few images that I sourced from the museum’s website which are some of the highlights of what I saw today:

Tomorrow we will go to the Escher museum at Het Palei in Den Haag. It should be very interesting to see some of this 20th century artists work.

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