Helsinki can get surprisingly hot, and on one of those hot days a few weeks ago we traveled to Rastila beach with our friend Mina for a swim. Rastila is one of the eastern-most suburbs of Helsinki, and we were able to get there easily using the Metro system. One of the neighbourhood’s characteristics is it’s multiculturalism – there’s a nice article in the Helsing Sanomat with more details here.

The beach is only a few hundred meters from the Rastila Metro station (and adjacent to Rastila camping site which is the main camping/caravaning spot in Helsinki) – and the water was almost the perfect temperature the day that we were there. It was a bit strange for me to be swimming in the sea, but for the water to only be vaguely salty (and for there to be a variety of aquatic plants sprouting up from the deep). It felt great to be in the water after a long, hot day.

Rastila beach

We then took a longer route back to the Metro station, walking through the forested area of Merirastila. It was beautiful to see the forest change colours as the sun was setting. Helsinki is a beautiful place to be in summer!



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