Ok, so it’s actually 105 days that we’ve been here, but I though that “100 days” made for a better title… And to celebrate this milestone I thought it might be nice to share some our highlights of the last three months with you.

The last three months have been a blur!

By far and away, Brigitte and I agree that our best experience so far was our trip to Nilsiä with Miska (you can read about the trip in this post). Specifically, we loved:

  • walking across the mires and through the forests of Tiilikkajärvi National Park, and cooking makkara over an open fire at the park’s Uiton camp site
  • warming up in the sauna, cooling down quickly in the lake, and then repeating while watching the sunset at 11pm and listening to the sounds of the forest
  • reading Tatu and Patu (a very, very clever series of kids books: see here and here, and be sure to click on the links on the left )

Other highlights include:

  • Töölönlähti and the other parks of Helsinki (see for example this post, and this one and this one…)
  • The beautiful architecture that unexpectedly surprises you (especially in the older parts of the city – you can see some photos here and here)
  • Learning all the Finnish foods (yum-yum! See here, here and here)
  • Finnish governmental efficiency (things work quickly here)
  • Snow!
  • Helsinki’s public transport system (although it does take a bit of getting used to – I’ve tried to give some advice here)

And just to end with another 360° photo – Brigitte took this one from the middle of Töölönlähti three months ago (we would now need a row boat to retake this photo from the same position).


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