A month ago Helsinki was still pretty grey and brown – but it has transformed to green over the last few weeks. It makes such a difference, and occasionally it even feels like we are exploring another city.

A lovely shady park hidden inside a ring of apartment blocks - you wouldn't guess that you were in the middle of a big city.


There are lots of flowers out in all the parks – even some wild ones. The some of the dandelions have already finished flowering, and their seeds are already floating around town. There are lots of different birds calling at the moment – in Kallio there’s not a great variety, but on the way to my office I often get distracted by new bird calls. Miska pointed out the call of the Thrush Nightinggale the other day – so many new birds to get to know here.

The stairs out front make this building look rather important to me - and I'd guess that it has a pretty spectacular view since it is almost at the top of Kallio.

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