Today, Brigitte and I took a late afternoon walk on Lauttasaari (lautta = ferry, saari + island), a fairly large island suburb only a few kilometers west of the Helsinki city centre. The island was only connected to the mainland by a bridge  in 1935 (according to Wikipedia), and gets it’s name from time before that when it was accessed via ferry. When the Länsimetro (the western extension of Helsinki’s subway system: länsi = west) is opened in ± 2015, Lauttasaari will also have a subway connection to Helsinki.


The island’s southern bay (hevosenkenkälahti = horse + shoe + bay) is surrounded by a park full of interesting things – including military fortifications dating back to the Crimean war. There were also some interesting birds around, including Eurasian Oystercatcher and Goosander (common Merganser).


Overall, Lauttasaari seems like a nice place – and potentially a good place to stay if you are working in the city centre.

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