The sun getting lower over the water at about 8:30pm.

City in fast-forward, Kivinokka at leisure

On Sunday we had our first overseas visitor in Helsinki – Jesse needed to visit a South African embassy, and decided to come visit us en route from Estonia.

We met Jesse at the Länsiterminaali (länsi = western; i.e. the western-most harbour terminal of the city) on Sunday afternoon, and gave him a lightning tour of the city centre.

On the steps of the Senaatintori, in front of the city's cathedral
A rather unusual "art" display in the city, hosted by

[Update: the decapitated Ronald McDonald above is part of a installation by Jani Leinonen – you can read an interview with him here (turns out that he enjoys McMeals!)]

After a quick lunch at a local kebab shop, we headed out to Kivinokka (kivi = stone, nokka = point), a small island just to the east of the city centre. Kivinokka is made up partly of a nature reserve and partly of a whole lot of little allotments with cottages on them. These cottages look similar to what we would call a wendy house and they are really small – perhaps about 6 x 3 m.  These allotments or “siirtolapuutarha” (puutarha = garden) are small bits of land that Finns use for gardening or just getting away from it all. Kivinokka also had the first swimming beach that I have seen (although none of us even tested the water).



A 360° view of the lookout/view point where we had our picnic:


4 thoughts on “City in fast-forward, Kivinokka at leisure

  1. It looks like there are so many interesting things to see in Helsinki. Can’t wait to come and see it.

  2. Old house looks interesting. Some neo-classical with the Tuscan-type style? I also like your pic with the tall trees and little path. At least there is alot of nature around you there, it’s aweful to be stuck in the city for weeks and months.

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