Just up the street from us, between the Kallionkirkko and the Kallio public library, is the Karhupuisto (karhu = bear, puisto = park). The park’s name comes from a large sculpture of a brown bear digging up an ant nest. The Eurasian brown bear is the national animal of Finland, and its image pops up everywhere (for example: on a beer, on a shoe, outside the national museum – I’ll keep an eye out for more!).

Our bear - you can make out the Kallionkirkko (church) in the background.


This is particularly the case around Karhupuisto. The optometrist’s logo is a bear wearing spectacles, and the corner café also has its own selection of bears. Across the road is the Karhupuisto vet (eläinlääkäri: eläin = animal’s, lääkäri = medical doctor), and there’s apparently also a Karhupuisto plastic surgery practise nearby (I think they should consider changing their name!).

A bear with glasses! There are also cool cardboard spectacles in the shop window.

A place serving the "bear" necessities?


The park is apparently jointly managed by the neighbourhood and the city (see this translation by Google for some details), and it looks like there are all sorts of activities in the park during warmer months. I look forward to enjoying the park this summer with the rest of the neighbourhood.


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