Pete and I went for a walk today. We decided to just hop on the first tram and head south and see whatever there was to see. We ended up next to the coastline (actually any distance south from us will end up in a coastline). Its been a beautiful sunny afternoon after a drizzly and grey morning. It was great to get out. I will definitely take visitors tothe spot that we walked in today. It had some of the only freestanding houses that we have seen thus far in the city. The architecture seems to date mostly from the 1920’s. Its a style that I really like. According to the Wikipedia article about Kaivopuisto (kaivo = well, puisto = park; linked below), the area is partially populated by the various ambassadors to Finland. No surprises there- it looks like an expensive area to live in.

There is one building there that is surrounded by tons of cameras. Just looking at it from the back, I guessed that it’s probably the US Embassy. My guesses were proved correct when we got to the front of the building. Its a funny cultural thing that one can identify a nation’s space  by the amount of security cameras visible!

Above is a 360° panorama that I photographed from the top of the hill in Kaivopuisto Park. The little tower is the teenie tiny observatory that we went looking for (P – the “tähtitorni”, which translates literally to “star-tower”). Needless to say, it was far smaller than we expected. In the near distance, over the water, you can see some islands. I think that one of these is Suomenlinna but Pete disagrees with me. We will have to go and visit it and see who is right.

Below are some pics from our walk today and some from last Saturday when went for a walk in desperation after both being couped up in the flat with sinusitus.  (Yes, we were sick but we are both recovering very nicely thanks).

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