So yesterday, I ventured off to the city to find the free Ikea bus that one can catch at Kiasma, the Museum of Modern art. The only problem was that I had no idea where the museum was and ended up finding it 5 minutes late. As European public transport waits for no man (or woman), I had to take my frozen self off and find something else to do.

The free Ikea bus. Image source:

I ended up going to one of the local malls and found the much anticipated H&M. I am glad I found it and that the prices are so reasonable that I will be able to shop there one day when I have a real, Euro paying  job.

Today, I decided to try again. Armed with the knowledge that I could get to Kiasma in time I headed off just a bit earlier. This time, knowing the way very well, I got there half an hour before the bus! At least I could park my frozen self on the bus this time. Ikea here I come!

Ikea Espoo. Image source:

Wow, the place is huge. I got through it in a time disappearing hour and a half only to discover that I had merely been through half of the place, there was another floor. The top floor had all kinds of different interior displays where I have fallen in love with one or two beautiful pieces. (Will have to convince Pete that they are absolute essentials for our new home…). Downstairs, I stumbled across tons of kitchen and household bits and bobs. I am thinking that I might just buy their starter kit to handle the crockery and cutlery basics.

Image source:

With great restraint, I only bought us a new duvet and duvet cover set and a little green pot-stand (I don’t have wonderful granite surfaces anymore…). The duvet set is a little boring but it was SUPER cheap so it will work for now. Essentials first, glamour second.

The Ikea hotdog. Image source:

After my successful shopping I grabbed a Swedish hotdog (yum) and bottomless drink for E1,20 and sat down with my acquisitions to once again wait for the bus.

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